Food Service


2 Door Undercounter Freezer

GN 2100BT

3 Door Undercounter Freezer

GN 3100BT

Undercounter Refrigerator with 6 drawers

G 2100 TN-6D

Undercounter Refrigerator with 9 drawers

G 3100 TN-9D

Chef Table with 2 drawers


Single Door Upright Freezer with 7 drawers

UF 220

Single Door Upright Freezer with 10 drawers

UF 330

Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

30 bottles

W 30 DZ

Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

100 bottles

W 100 DZ

Three Temperature Zones Wine Cooler

133 bottles

W 133 TZ

Kegerator 1 Way SS


Standard Beer Tap, Chrome

Beer Tap

Standard Beer Tap, Pvd

Beer Tap

Ball Tap, Chrome (New)

Beer Tap

Ss Drip Tray With Rinser For U-6 Tower

Drip Tray

Ss Drip Tray, 400*210Mm

Drip Tray

Ss Drip Tray With Clamp,

Drip Tray

A Type Keg Coupler


Co2 Regulator 1-Way, Cga320


Island Freezer with 6 baskets

IL 660

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